I just want to thank everyone for their support during the RDNA sale during the month of November. You guys have inspired me to keep on working and I have 2 projects currently planned out, and the possibility of trying to finish of that M4 outfit I have been working on for over a year now :)


Stay tuned for hopefully more information on a new set for Gumdrops, and possibly an outfit for V4/Genesis!

And a reminder the RDNA sale was extended to the 15th of December!

Sabbs and Seth

Sabbs and Seth

Sabbs and Seth for Cookie and Chip


I have been under the weather with a cold my Youngest son brought into the house but that hasn’t stopped me from working on a small pack for Cookie and Chip. Some have requested the skin textures I have been using for my promos lately, so I cleaned them up a bit and put them together into a pack that will be released at RDNA. The pack includes:

  • 2 Skins each for Cookie and Chip (One freckled face one Non freckled)
  • 1 face file for Cookie and 1 for Chip
  • 4 Brow-Lash options (Black, Blonde, Brown,Red)
  • 7 eye colors (With separate mat files for just left and right eye combinations for mix and match fun)
  • 10 eye reflects
  • 7 Bonus eye colors


I will release more images of the pack over the next week or so :) It is currently with Beta Testing.

The Site is back




I finally have gotten the site back up to the same capacity that it was before I changed it. You will find all the old information is now up online.


Thank you for your patience 😀