2 More older Items added to Daz

2 Old items for Genesis (1) have been added to my Daz Store!

Check them out in my store now!

End of Summer Shirt and the Geni Tank Top are now move over!

End of Summer Shirt Geni Tank Top


My Star Items are moved to DAZ3d

You can now purchase my items made for Star at Daz3d from my store:


My other items should slowly move as the RDNA Store winds down and the RDNA Venders move over to DAZ. I think this will be a nice freshen up to my DAZ Store. Over Spring Break I have been working on a new pose set for Star, and I have been working to finalize a Beta Version of Star Ryder so I can get it tested and then submitted to the store. There is so much to be doing in-between lesson planning for the rest of the school year. I hope to be working on some items for Genesis over the summer, and maybe some more Star Toon items. I have missed being creative so much and I hope to find more daily time to work on my items again!


I just want to thank everyone for their support during the RDNA sale during the month of November. You guys have inspired me to keep on working and I have 2 projects currently planned out, and the possibility of trying to finish of that M4 outfit I have been working on for over a year now 🙂


Stay tuned for hopefully more information on a new set for Gumdrops, and possibly an outfit for V4/Genesis!

And a reminder the RDNA sale was extended to the 15th of December!